This makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

Porkchop Sandwiches explained:

5 Minutes Ago

"How long til my nuggets are done?" - M, M, Mandy

4th of July

"Are you sitting on his face?"


"That one looked like a vajayjay."

Giving Back

In an effort to provide a tangible piece of appreciation to the musicians that inspire me the most, I have begun my own movement to create something crafty for my most favorite MC's and DJ's. While I've accomplished a few other projects, this is the first one I have documented. I made this for Pigeon John. I'm pretty sure he liked it.

Where did this beaver come from?

Maybe you already know that I carry around a little black book of quotes. Maybe you don't. These quotations are tidbits overheard in my daily life. I hear a good quote and I write it down. Should you decide to adopt this practice for yourself, please share it with me. The great part about this is that I am not going to share the context in which it was said with you. You must use your imagination. And should you come up with something savory, I ask you again to share. And without further ado, the first quote goes as such:

"Where did this beaver come from? Why is it here?" - E

Hahah! Beaver.

w to the t to the f?

A girl came into the library and handed me this note. "Here's the addresses of the closest post offices and their phone numbers. You can find more in the phone book." This was completely unprompted. Apparently she never speaks or makes eye contact with anyone. And she's been going in there for years.


Yes, please.

I especially enjoyed the use of colorful language such as, "hijo-de-la-gran-puta." Dang! Even I was a little bit scandalized.. Which says a lot.